Home Based Businesses for College Students

If you are in college, a question that is forever on your mind is “how can I get some cash?” We all know friends who are waiters, work in the college bookstore, or drive to the local mall every day for work.  If minimum wage doesn’t appeal to you, though, what are your options? You need something that’s flexible enough to work around your class schedule, but makes you enough cash to get the things you need and want.  The solution is likely a home based business.

There are many options for home based businesses for college students. One of the most practical ideas, if you have the grades, is to start a tutoring business.  If hired through your campus, you may have to stick to a schedule and you’ll likely get paid at much lower rates than if you branch out on your own. By making it your own business, you can set your own rates, choose which times you work, and even choose your own clients. Don’t want to tutor that girl in chemistry who’s hair you imagine catching fire in the Bunsen burner? You don’t have to. You’re the boss.

Don’t limit yourself to the practical, though. Tutoring can only make you so much money and you can only make that money while you’re actually working. Maybe you’d like a passive income? There are many online home based business opportunities that are perfect for college students such as affiliate marketing, if you have sales skills, and freelance writing if that’s more your style.  Have an opinion on everything? Start a blog. Not only can blogs bring in ad revenue, but you can be paid to review sites and products once your blog is established (anywhere from 30 to 90 days old, depending on the paid reviews company you choose).

So while your roommate is out in the real world making chump change while making his way through college, sit down at your computer and think of all the possibilities for a home based business that you’d be good at. There’s something for every personality and work style, so get creative.  Your wallet will thank you.

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