Internet Marketing Plan: What You Need to Know Before You Create One

Want to be a success with your business?  If you do, then you must make sure you take the right path.  The mistake that a lot of business owners make is creating their website and then developing a plan for their marketing.  If you do this, you’ve set yourself up for failure.  The following are a few things you need to know before you create your Internet marketing plan and your business website.

First, you must do the market research on the products you have chosen to sell.  Do people really want this product?  Does the product you have chosen fill a need?  Create a few surveys to post online and you may be surprised by what you can find out.

Second, you have to evaluate your competitors.  Who else is selling the products?  What are they doing to market their products?  What are their strengths? What areas has their Internet marketing plan left out?

Next, you have to figure out what you can offer to the consumer that your competitors do not.  It may be as simple as providing great customer service.   If your competitors do not have a strong customer service, you may want to concentrate on this area.

You will also need to develop a plan on how to handle your marketing when your competitors start making changes to their business, as a counter move against your business.   After all, once your competitors see what you are doing, it’s almost guaranteed that they will do something.  Have a plan already in place, even if you don’t need to use it.

Last, you will want to develop a timeline for your business.  How many sales do you expect the first week?  First  month?  First year?   If your sales do not meet your expectations, formulate a plan to ensure your success.

Before you can create a great website or an Internet marketing plan, you must do the research and determine the route that you are going to take.  Without knowing what your competitors are doing, you may simply feel like you are running around in the dark.

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