Is Your MLM Website Working for You? Learn How It Can Be Your #1 Salesperson!

If you are a business owner with a direct sales company and your website isn’t raking in the sales, you could be missing out on a lot of money! The Internet gives you access to billions of people everyday and your MLM website is working for you 24 hours per day! You should be raking in the online sales and if you aren’t then learning some free online advertising tips can make a huge difference in your monthly sales.

Look at the signature in your email and on any forums you belong to. Most people have links under their names, but does your link just say the name of your company? A lot of distributors make this mistake. The problem is that while people may look at it and think they may want to order something eventually, it doesn’t make them click on it right away. What you need is a slogan that’s catchy enough to drive traffic to your site. For example, if you are selling skin care products you could put something like “Look Younger Than You have in Years!” That’s much more interesting than “XYZ Company.” You should also frequent forums that your target market is likely to frequent. You probably won’t drive a lot of people to your website if you are in an electronics forum and selling makeup.

A lot of MLM websites also give you the option to list parties on them. This way the hostess of your home party can give their friends your link and they can make purchases online that count towards your hostess’s benefits. If your company offers this, make sure you go over it with every hostess. It’s a great way to up their party sales. Using this you can even generate business online and have people host “online parties.” These are great for you because there is no work involved. People simply make their purchases online and the hostess earns her benefits.

There are many free advertising options available online. Forums, classified ad sites, and you could even create a business blog. Having a business blog with a newsletter is a great way to promote your MLM website along with any specials and deals you have going on! Once you master the art of online sales, you can sit back and watch your business grow!

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