Top 5 Work at Home Jobs

Do you want to work from your home?  Many people do and end up spending hours online, searching for that one great opportunity.  If you are looking for an opportunity to work from your home, consider the following top 5 work at home jobs:

Multi Level Marketing
Multi level marketing has been one of the top work at home jobs for many years.  The reason is that it works.  Millions of people make the money they need to support their families with this method and you will find a variety of opportunities online.

Medical Transcription
Doctors and physicians around the world hire individuals to do medical transcription from home.  They save money by not having to pay employee benefits and you get to work at home.  You do need to complete a specialized training program, but will find the benefits of working in this field will far outweigh the cost involved.

Customer Service Representative
Over the last few years, more and more individuals are choosing work at home jobs as a customer service.  A reliable computer, fast Internet connection, and quiet space is all you need to get started.  Many find it a great part time job to make extra money, but there are also plenty who work fulltime from their home.

Online Auctions
Whether you make your own crafts or you purchase items wholesale to resell, online auctions are a great way to get started and one of the most popular of all the work at home jobs.  The most popular online auctions is eBay and affords one the opportunity to list just one product or open your own online store.

Whether you are a computer programmer, writer, or photographer, you’ll find the Internet offers great opportunity for those wishing to freelance.   There are many bidding sites that will offer a variety of jobs available for all of those who wish to do freelancing.  You can also develop your own website to display samples of your work and take orders.

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